Important Rules to Consider while Designing your Bathrooms

16 May 2019 04:13 PM

Most people are migrating towards community living these days, obviously because of the associated benefits. The flats in Kakkanad are one of the best options that you may consider in this case since it features modern amenities as well as the access to major landmarks in the city. If you are looking for something that is extravagant and private, the luxury villas in Kochi will be the right choice for you. Anyhow, when you purchase your dream home, you may pay attention every single element in your home. Note that one of the most important spaces in your flat that you must give prime priority is the bathrooms. After all, it plays a major role in keeping up the overall appeal of your home as well as maintaining your physical health and hygiene.

Usually, bathrooms will be way smaller or compact when compared your living room and bedrooms. Still, it can be uber stylish if you designed it the right way. Whether you are renovating an old bathroom or designing a brand new one, there are certain designing rules that you must keep in mind. Some of those significant rules are listed below.


The main mistake that most people tend to make while designing their bathroom is overlooking the storage space. This will surely ruin the ambiance of your bathroom. Similarly, cramming your bathroom up with a of toiletries will make it less spacious and appealing. It is recommended to keep only limited and essential items in your bathroom shelves. Make sure that it is at an accessible distance. You can keep daily use items such as essential oils, body shower, shampoo, etc., on a wall cabinet or easy-to-use vanity. When it comes to candles and folded towels, it is better to keep them in a folded linen storage box or cupboard. To save your bathroom space aesthetically, you may consider peg rails, free-standing cabinets, shelving, etc., for storage.


This is the main element in a bathroom since it sets the tone of the area. Make sure to choose the flooring that withstands moisture and high humidity. One of the ideal choices for bathroom flooring, walls, and benchtops is tiles. On a related note, choosing light-colored tiles will make your small bathrooms look spacious. Similarly, the combination of white and gray tiles will be perfect to add masculine monochrome and chic vibes to your bathrooms. If you prefer to give a streamlined and luxurious appeal to your bathrooms, consider marble-look tiles. While mosaic is a perfect option to add texture and a tint of color to your bathroom, timber floors are timeless options that give your bathrooms a softer and warmer appeal.