Important Things to Note before Buying a Home

10 May 2019 09:28 AM

Owning a dream home is something which is still considered hard among the majority of the population, no matter how rewarding it may seem from this side of the fence. Being as it probably will be one of the largest financial purchases in your lifetime, it also brings the onus of making sure you make all the right choices up until closing the deal, and even afterward. Following are some significant factors to consider before purchasing that perfect home for you and your family.

Home loan

Many people wishing to own a house of their own are ideologically compelled to take out a home loan from one of the many banks offering at the time. This mainly has to do with the ebbing of prices of property every now and then. If you do decide to go down this path, you will need to choose the appropriate bank loan to meet your requirements. In most cases, people prefer loan products that are easily acquired and repaid, with minimum rates of interest charged. Websites equipped with online EMI calculators are one of the key features provided by many home loan companies and can be a great help to people wishing to buy new houses.

Type of Home

You need to own the type of home that best suits you, or the whole venture defeats its own purpose. What you get could be a villa, an apartment, a penthouse, a duplex or even a bungalow. The main deciding factors in your final selection would need to be your personal taste, and of course, the budget you are operating out of. Your professional requirements and the size of your family too can be included on this list.


This could be the most important factor which colors the various other implications of out-and-out buying a house. Careful research of your financial reach before you start off can spare you dire and permanent fiscal decisions on this front. The sorts of investments, expenses, and other financial commitments you make should be determined clearly after you sum up your income and assets. You would mainly need a rough figure of the money that must be set aside for purchasing a home.


After you have fixed a solid and immovable budget, the next step is figuring out where you want your new home located. Do basic research on the distance of the preferred plot from public amenities like hospitals, schools, markets, transportation stations, etc. Availability of regular water supply, electricity, and security and safety during disasters, are other things to watch. If you are a single woman staying alone, you will want to find out more deeply about the vicinity, as in whether it is a safe place to be living in.