Ways to Keep an Apartment Cool during Summer Months

24 Apr 2019 10:59 AM

The summer season has already started, so the rising temperature levels in your apartment will likely be causing discomfort to you. However, using these simple hacks, you can make your 2 BHK flats in Kochi a cool place to be in.

Decorate Your Apartment with Plants

In addition to adding to the beauty, certain indoor plants also help keep the surrounding air cool. Plants rely on “photosynthesis” process to create food for their survival. Photosynthesis is a process wherein plants convert sunlight and water to carbohydrates, which basically means food. It also causes indoor plants to take in the heat from the surrounding air. Plants have to absorb energy, in this context heat, to function. Buildings only reflect it. This is precisely why you feel cooler when standing under a tree than below a property.

Shade West and East Facing Windows

Windows facing east and west, the directions where the sun rises and sets, get plenty of direct natural light. The natural heat is unpleasant, especially in a flat that is already toasty.

Keep the windows facing those directions shaded to keep the hot light from entering your apartment in Cochin city. Blackout curtains will keep heat from getting into the property in the best way, but if you want some light during the daytime, then you may need to hang a thinner material on windows.

Run Appliances at Night

Running appliances in your flat add more heat during the summer months. Your oven, dishwasher, and stove, for instance, generate heat when they are in use. So avoid using these appliances during the day, particularly when you keep the windows closed. This will avoid increasing temperature in your apartment. Leave dishes, cooking and laundry tasks for sundown. Instead of hot dishes, make something like a sandwich during the day.

Purchase the Right Air Conditioners

The size of an AC unit also matters. Several people buy one that is too large for their apartment, thinking it would cool their property in a better way. However, an oversized air conditioner actually wastes energy.

Although the appliance may cool down an apartment quickly, it will not have sufficient time to remove the moisture from the air. Measure your apartment’s square footage, and share that information with a store clerk while you purchase the appliance to get a size recommendation from them.