Amazing Ways to Enhance Natural Light Flow to your Flat

21 Mar 2019 05:48 PM

Nowadays, most people are migrating towards community living as a result of the amenities and facilities associated with it. No wonder, the number of flats and apartments are budding in the city are increasing every year. In addition, most flats in Kochi are at a reachable distance from the major landmarks here such as shopping malls, bus stands, railway stations, hospitals, schools, etc. However, owning decent apartments in Cochin will be really expensive.

If you go for budget-friendly ones, one of the main issues that you will have to deal with while living in flats or apartments will be regarding the space. Thankfully, you can create an illusion of spacious apartments and rooms if you adopt certain tricks and tips. Note that you can make an apartment look bigger by letting a maximum amount of light in. Apart from offering a spacious appeal to your rooms, natural lighting can set your mood right as well. If you are wondering about various ways to enhance natural lighting to your home, below are some of the brilliant ideas that you may consider for this.

Mirror Effect

One of the easiest ways to instantly make your rooms look bigger by enhancing the flow of natural light to it is by employing the mirror effect. That is, decorate your room showpieces and decors that flaunt a reflective coating so that it can reflect a maximum amount of light back to your room. Some of those decors that can be used in your home to achieve the mirror effect include gold doorknobs, brass candlesticks, silver-coated photo frames, acrylic clear furniture, chandeliers, etc. Furthermore, keeping a big mirror diametrically opposite to the entrance or outdoors can make the size of your room look double.

Light Curtain Fabrics

Needless to say, thick or dark-colored curtains can absorb and block a good amount of natural light to your room. Hence, it is recommended to use light colored curtain fabrics in order to beautify your windows as well as to preserve your privacy. You may consider sheer fabrics, breathable linen fabric, etc., for this purpose. Note that breathable curtain fabrics will enhance the airflow as well to your rooms.

Be Transparent

Choosing glass doors is another way to get more natural light flow to your beautiful home. If you are worried about your privacy, you can go for tinted or frosted options. However, make sure to keep the factors such as the security, style of your home, as well as your budget in mind when you choose glass doors and windows. Installing transparent pergolas are also a great way to enhance the natural lighting to your rooms. You can expand the idea of using transparent glasses to your tabletops, furniture pieces, decors, etc., in order to maximize the effect.