Captivating Wall D├ęcor Ideas for Small Apartments

05 Feb 2019 04:38 PM

There are many upsides of community living when compared to individual homes. Some of those notable plus points include better security, ease of maintenance, better social life, attractive amenities, services, etc. Plus, most of these housing facilities will be located at the center of the city, and hence, will be at an accessible distance from important places such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and all that. No wonder, the number of people choosing flats and apartments in Cochin is skyrocketing. However, space issues will probably be an issue that most people have to deal with, especially for those who do not own one of those luxurious flats in Kochi.

There are many ways, with which you can tackle these space issues at your apartments and make it look even more spacious appealing. One of the main factors that can instantly change the entire appeal of your home is the walls. Actually, even the small things that you use on your walls will have a bigger impact on the overall appeal of your room. Hence, you must choose your wall décor carefully. In order to help you out with this, below are some of the excellent wall décor ideas that you may consider in order to make your apartment look bigger.

Choose Large-Scale Artworks

Some people have a misconception that only smaller or minimal wall décor will suit the walls of small rooms. Actually, adding an extra-large artwork to the wall of your small apartment will instantly draw the attention of people and will amp up the overall ambiance of the room. Here, you can consider a classic painting or any of your favorite photos. Note that it is recommended either to go for a black and white option or to choose a vibrant abstract piece while decorating such walls.

Play with Fabrics

You can effortlessly ace up the overall style of your home, especially your living room by decorating the walls with complementing fabrics. Make sure that the patterns and color combination of the tapestry that you choose is ideal for the feel and theme of your room. You may frame a vintage scarf or any of your attractive fabrics for this purpose. It is to be noted that cleaning and shifting a framed material will be easier when compared to its unframed counterparts.

Hang Mirrors

Using mirrors on your walls is one of the best ways to instantly and dramatically uplift the overall look of your room. Mirrors can reflect the light well and this property will make your rooms appear bigger as well as brighter. You can either hang an oversized mirror or you can craft your own statement design using many mirror pieces like in salons.