3 Qualities to Look for in a Luxury Villa

28 Dec 2018 04:45 PM

What constitutes a luxury villa? In the world of travel as well as hospitality, marketers position it in many different ways to attract customers. However, some things just remain the same in the world of real estate.

These findings are based on villas with at least four bedrooms. It is not to say anything less than 4 BHK is not luxurious; apparently, there are several opulent villas with just about any reasonable number of bedrooms to meet the varying requirements of single and nuclear family occupants.


Even if a luxury villa meets most of the below-mentioned requirements, it is still important to choose the right location. When it comes to a residential property’s location, people consider its proximity to certain locales, such as places of worship, educational institutes, restaurants, ATM centers, outdoor recreation spots, and the like. However, people who seek to live in a villa want a pristine atmosphere and some amount of privacy.

In fact, that is one of the reasons, why most villas are situated near coastlines and beaches, elevated mountainous areas, and proximate to the backwaters and riverfront.

Features and Amenities

Some of the most basic requirements that classify a villa as “luxury” class are features such as swimming pool, adequately spacious living area, fully equipped and state of the art kitchen, furnished dining area, and the like. These rooms have to be furnished and designed with attention to detail as well as devotion to opulence, equipped with each facility and luxury which modern audiences demand, like entertainment system as well as internet access (depending upon the location).

Most high-end villas offer an outdoor swimming pool, internet connectivity, health club, indoor games, library, and so forth. Some of them have amenities such as dedicated private gymnasiums, devoted cinema room for a private theater experience, and spa facilities.


One of the most significant aspects of luxury villas is its overall design, in terms of its architecture, interior, landscaping, furnishings, etc. All of them combine to create an overall experience and atmosphere of a luxury villa stay. The best luxury villas in Kochi too, are truly a marvel to behold. What’s more, the best builders in Ernakulam make sure that you get to stay in a serene setting with all the necessary amenities that make for a luxury accomodation.