Wall Hacks to Make your Rooms Look Bigger

19 Dec 2018 04:34 PM

The number of people adopting the idea of community living has increased a lot these days. As a result, most people have started living in flats or villas. The main limitation when it comes to these housing options is space issues, especially in the case of 2 BHK flats. Although the luxury apartments in Kochi are designed to resolve such space problems, not all would have to budget to own one in downtown Cochin city.

Having space issues does not mean that your place is cramped or cluttered. You can make the rooms in your small apartments look bigger by considering some easy wall hacks. It is to be noted that wrong wall ideas can make even an extravagant room look cramped, so you need to be careful here. Below are some of the easiest wall hacks that you may consider in order to give a luxurious makeover to your home.

Move the Furniture Pieces Away

In most of the 2 BHK apartments, the furniture pieces will be placed right in front of the walls. This can actually make the room look smaller and cluttered. In order to tackle this, either move your chairs and other pieces of furniture to the corners of the room or place them a few inches away from the walls. This will not only make your apartment look bigger, but also give it a majestic appeal.

Use Light Colors on the Walls

It has become a trend to give a bohemian makeover to house interiors these days. This actually requires dark and multi-colored wall painting. Note that this is not a wise choice for small flats and apartments since it can make the rooms look cluttered and less spacious. Rather, you can go for light-colored or neutral shade to beautify your walls. This will make your rooms look spacious and will light up the mood. Some of the ideal options that may consider in this case include yellow, tan, white, pastel shades, etc.

Use Wall Mirrors

Another efficient hack to make your rooms look bigger is to place a large mirror on one of the walls. However, placing a mirror somewhere on the wall will not do the job; you will have to place it across the windows or doors. This way, the mirrors will reflect the outdoors area and the natural light, making the room to look more spacious and open.