Five Reasons Why City Dwellers Live near Their Place of Work

13 Dec 2018 05:58 PM

The lifestyles of those living in small towns and metropolitan cities can be vastly different, based on many different factors. The luxuries of metro living bring along many excesses, and this constantly takes a toll on the environment. In big metros, you come across several vehicles that struggle to share the very same road, creating congestion that makes it tough for people to reach their places of work in the mornings.

However, several people in metros have found a way to do away with the hassle of commute, and one that makes our environment safer. The walk-to-your-workplace culture is gaining traction in a lot of places, and has been a significant boost to employee efficiency and pollution control.

Even if you live in an eco-friendly metro, setting up home near your place of work and walking there can benefit not just you, but also your employer and the environment at large. Some of the key factors behinds this are as follows.

Walking to the Workplace Saves Time

It is up to people to shape their daily schedules in ways they need and prefer. However, when they have to spend a lot of time traveling to and from the workplace, efficiency can easily make a nosedive. As per a study held in the recent past, the average metro resident spends two to five hours traveling to work each day, and it is a given that most of them live far from where they work. On the other hand, if your place of work were situated near where you live in one of the luxury apartments in Cochin, you could save tons of time and spend it on things that mattered in your personal life.

Saves Money

One of the main motives behind going to work is earning money. Monthly traveling expenses can stack up pretty fast for the average metro-dweller, considering fuel prices go nowhere but up at any given point in time. A vehicle can easily get you stuck in traffic, and that not only makes you late for work, but also eats into its mileage. The time one spends honking at other cars in a bid to make their way out of traffic converts into fuel costs, which essentially defeats the purpose of setting oneself up in a developed city. All these things pose ample reason to live at a walking distance from one’s place of work. If you are looking for this kind of change in your living setup, you may want to check out some of the new villa projects in Kochi.

Improves Health

A majority of individuals who live in a metropolis have an extremely busy daily schedule, which leaves them very little room for doing things such as meditation and exercise. Thanks to the real estate projects, health-conscious people do find facilities to take better care of their health. Flats and villas too have facilities for workouts and do other exercises such as swimming and the elaborate space for walking. A further walk to get to the office will only improve health. Walking helps one to stay fit, as limbs get sufficient time to stretch and move, resulting in a toned and relaxed body. This also helps people stay agile and fresh and be more productive at work.

Keeps Pollution in Check

Most vehicles that cause air and noise pollution are driven by people who go to work early in the morning, and return after dark. When office-goers have a spacious real estate community nearby to base themselves out of, it is possible for them to limit pollution by walking to work instead. Metropolitan cities with such amenities have actually reported a gradual progress in the checking of pollution.

Gives Better Work-Life Balance and Other Conveniences

Choosing to live at the nearest property to an industrial area or IT park and walking to work, makes one able to manage their time in a more flexible way. Such a person would not have to wake up early in the mornings and come home late in the evenings. This gives them more time to spend with their near and dear ones. It also lets their families lead more structured and comfortable lives, since heading to work is not something the adults would need to be overly hasty at. These people get to eat homemade food more often without having to actively seek out such chances, which is one of the tenets of a stable life. Besides, with more time on their hands, a person could hold down a second job if they wanted, whether for the sake of diversion or income.