Flooring Techniques to Make your Flats Look Bigger

05 Dec 2018 04:25 PM

Nowadays, most people prefer communal living since it boasts many upsides such as better security, social life, amenities, services, as well as ease of access to important places such as hospitals, schools, shopping malls, etc. Hence, a majority of people living in the city are now choosing flats and villas. Note that most of the 2 BHK flat in Cochin offer the best services and amenities that are perfect to cater requirements in the busy life schedule of the millennial people. However, the price of such flats in Kochi will go higher with its size.

When it comes to size, it is not only about the space in a room. Actually, there are many techniques, which can help to make your room bigger without spending a whopping amount of money on the property. For instance, you may include light-colored décors, minimal furniture setting, strategic lighting, painting, and many more. Yet, the best option that will make your room look bigger is your flooring. Below are some of the simple flooring techniques that you may adopt in order to make your rooms look more spacious.

Choosing the Colors

The options here are usually light-colored flooring and dark-colored flooring, with each type catering to different type of rooms. In order to make the perceived size of your room look bigger, the former option will generally be the best. Besides, including complementing furniture pieces will add to its overall appeal further. Some of the best options in this case include cream carpets, whitewashed wooden flooring, neutral-toned tiles, etc.

On the other hand, dark-colored flooring will also make your room look bigger if it is paired with right decors and furniture pieces.

Choosing the Patterns

Diagonal and parallel flooring are the common options when it comes to floor patterns. Here, selecting parallel flooring that extends to the longest wall of the room is the best way to make your room look bigger. The main thing that you must consider in this case is to avoid intricate or complex patterns such as floral designs. Rather, go for vertical designs.

Alternately, you can install plain or vertical-patterned tiles diagonally as well in order to make your petite rooms look bigger. In fact, this is a common technique used by most architects to enhance the overall space of a small room. Apart from that, choosing wider planks instead of strips, larger tiles instead of smaller ones, etc., are a few simple options that you may consider to make your rooms look spacious.