11 Ways to Make your Apartment Eco-Friendly

14 Nov 2018 04:59 PM

Our Earth as we know is transforming every day, unfortunately in a negative direction. This is because of the adverse effects of human lifestyle today. Thus, it is high time that we upgrade our lives and instill habits that are in harmony with nature. Below are a few tips to give birth to an eco-friendly lifestyle. The next time you opt for new villa projects in Kochi, ensure that these simple suggestions are followed.

Install Renewable Energy Technology

One of the best ways to go eco-friendly is to install renewable energy harnessing technology at your homes. Technologies like solar panels and wind turbines are the most widely available sources of renewable energy nowadays. These methods ensure that there is no carbon emission involved in the whole process of energy consumption. Hence, these are also referred to as the energy sources of the future.

Reducing Meat Consumption

Although this might sound a bit strange, it is a widely known fact. Meat consumption contributes to the carbon footprint of the environment. Now one may think that a single person’s consumption does not make much difference, but in reality, it has a huge impact. Besides, eating meat has several negative impacts on health too. So reduce your meat consumption and switch to the eco-friendly lifestyle.

Prevent Food Wastage

Wasting food is not just a waste of money; it also adds to the carbon footprint on nature. Waste food that may be dumped in the open emits a huge amount of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. This has severe impacts on different levels of the ecosystem. Therefore, it is best to avoid any wastage to minimize your impact on Mother Nature.

Install Compost at Home

If you are left with no option but to waste some leftover food, it is better to have a compost mechanism at home. This way, you can prevent the formation of carbon dioxide gases. Furthermore, it will provide natural manure for plants and help grow your own garden. In addition, since the waste is not exposed in the open, there will not be a methane gas build up.

Make a Habit of Switching Lights Off

One of the basic things about eco-friendly living is to stop energy wastage. This can be easily attained by switching off energy outlets like switches around the home. Switch off all the electrical appliances that stay on standby mode. This saves not only a lot of energy on a long run, and also saves a huge amount of money when calculated for a long period of time.

Recycle your Waste

Recycling whatever waste you generate regardless of its composition is a great way to prevent a negative impact on nature. Now, there are technologies that can help recycle all objects ranging from batteries and papers to metallic objects. So think twice before you chuck waste in the open. Remember that everything can be recycled and used again to your benefit.

Reduce Plastic Usage in Daily Life

Plastic is a substance that has found a way into our lives in every minute way possible. This is not a positive thing as it adversely affects nature. Moreover, it is non-biodegradable, meaning that it will lay as it is when disposed of into the soil. So reduce your plastic usage by cutting the daily chores that involve plastic. Bring your own bag when you go shopping, and stop buying plastic bottles for water.

Use LED Bulbs

The advantage with the LED bulb is that they last much longer than the conventional bulbs. Additionally, they consume lesser energy than the latter. Clearly, the energy consumption can be brought down by switching to LED bulbs at homes, and they also reduce the monthly bills. Nowadays, there are options to choose LED bulbs that suit your style and preference. So you can choose accordingly and embrace the eco-friendly lifestyle.

Have your Own Vegetable Farm at Home

Another great way to cut down the carbon footprint on nature is by growing your own vegetables. This is also good for the finances, as it stops you from spending too much on daily supplies. It also helps to clean the room air, removing the carbon dioxide and replacing it with oxygen. Besides, when you sit down to eat, you can be sure of what you are consuming and be saved from the harmful pesticides. If you do not have space for that, there are options to grow vegetable plants on windows too.

Plant More Trees

One of the best ways to bring about a positive change in the ecological balance of your neighborhood is to plant a tree. This will have multiple benefits to both nature as well as mankind. Trees raise the quality of air surrounding it and keep the region cool and shady.

Pay Attention to your Personal Care Items

Personal care substances like washing creams, face wash, toothpaste, and other products may contain harmful chemicals. These get washed away into the water reservoirs and contaminate them. So make sure that you use eco-friendly products for your personal care needs.