A Comparison between Ready to Occupy and Semi-Furnished Apartments

04 Aug 2018 02:08 PM

Most residential projects from reputed builders have fully furnished and ready to move in flats, while some are semi-furnished apartments. If you are looking for an comfortable apartment, you will consider the amenities it has to offer, the location, the quality of construction, as well as the builder’s reputation.

Many apartments in Cochin come from reputed builders who have cemented a top spot in Kerala’s real estate market, so you have fewer things to be concerned about while making a checklist. Often, the well-heeled flats in Kochi are categorized as ready to occupy or fully furnished and semi-furnished, while there may even be projects under construction.

While you may know what the latter means, perhaps you will require more clarification as to what is meant by fully furnished and semi-furnished flats. If you are planning to go for a ready to move in right now, then be sure that you will get fitted cabinets, appliances such as water heaters and air conditioners, among other basic and advanced facilities. While the prospect of living in a ready to occupy housing offers you the chance to occupy as soon as you are done with the formalities, the fact that prices of such a property are subject to increase depending on the number of facilities.

For instance, while some apartments have a helipad at the top of the building, others have excellent-class features such as intercom, round the clock surveillance, and numerous amenities that make it a luxurious gated community. Ask yourselves what matters most – whether it best to live in a high-rise with the panoramic views of the cityscapes or land your helicopter on top of the building?

Such kinds of considerations may seem a stretch of the imagination for some people, for those of high net-worth such as businesspersons and corporate moguls, having a helipad may be a priority. Regardless, having the fully furnished flat allows you the advantages of facilities and equipment without really having to buy and transport them from a previous home. So, the “ready to move in” selling proposition used by a builder has more connotations than what you may think.

If you want a semi-furnished flat, on the other hand, you will get basic woodwork but you may have to spend on expensive appliances. That offers you the chance to control the budget on them, besides the fact that semi-furnished apartments are generally affordable in comparison to fully furnished ones.