Which are the Amenities That Set Apart a Gated Community Villa

25 Apr 2018 04:55 PM

A gated community limits trespassers and vehicles from entering the residential area, which is guarded by round the clock security. Only the residents or people associated with the occupants are allowed within a gated community villa.

Luxury villas can be an example of a walled community, with other ones being a housing estate or a conceptual sky villa that combine apartments and designer villas. Modern day villas and apartments have an entrance and exit gate with perimeter fences and compound walls. Being said that, certain villas or housing colonies could be independent as well or non-gated.

The main objective of a gated community is fortification of a residential area to ensure the safety of the occupants. Other than being gated, top builders and developers even use CCTV cameras in common areas of the property to prevent perpetration attempts. If someone gets caught in the surveillance camera, the security personnel can see that on the monitors of their control room and take the necessary steps to prevent a theft.

Modern day luxury villa projects have landscaped or hydroponic gardens, acres of space with dedicated spots for jogging, senior citizen corners, a clubhouse provided by the builder, and other recreational areas for the members of the community. This ensures that occupants need not have to travel to the heart of the city to find a recreational area or other spaces for casual timeouts.

Gated communities also provide generators for back-up power supply, ground water and running water that conforms to the rules of regional water authority, rain water harvesting, car parking, waste disposal facility, etc. Since a gated community has acres of land, occupants in for flats inside the community get pollution-free environments to live in.

In growing metros and urban locations, most villas are gated and feature a thriving community with shared accesses to most of the amenities it provides. Depending on the development of the area, gated communities may even have a shared bicycle system to ease out commute for the occupants within the community. After all, what would the residents do if entrance or exit gates were situated a few kilometers away from the apartments?

Apparently, having shared access to bicycles in few metros raises the standard of living in urban villas that is gated. It is one of the state-of-the-art amenities, which gated communities everywhere can aspire to in the near future.