What to Look for When Investing in Luxury Apartments in Kochi

09 Mar 2018 03:37 PM

People scouting for new apartments require no less than comfortable amenities that mean the world to them and their near and dear ones. Owning a ready to occupy flat with luxurious features in a large metropolis like Cochin is an aspiration for most buyers, especially for people with high net-worth. Regardless of the status attached with it, a luxury home provides utmost convenience and comfort to the occupants.

The Spaciousness of the Luxury Home

Floor space is an essential aspect that sets apart luxury apartments in Kochi from distinguished builders that have cemented a firm place in the real estate sector. An apartment complex with multiple stories will offer a landscaped atrium, a private lounge with a dedicated washroom, main hall, and even UPVC windows that augments a sense of space being a part of the whole setup. If your high-rise flat in Cochin has a janitor’s room, as well as a storeroom included in the complex, then all the better for accommodation.

State of the Art Facilities

An indoor swimming pool is another important feature to go with a health club and some even offer aqua gyms. To make the most of the realty investment, these are must-have features in the flat. No wonder, the top real estate developers and builders give all such indoor facilities that appease occupants. Other than that, most luxury flats in Cochin City provide provision for high-speed broadband connectivity and centralized gas supply.

Round the Clock Security

Not just a security guard that safeguards the building 24 x 7 to thwart a probable theft attempt, but luxury apartments in Kochi are equipped with high-end home security devices with cutting-edge features. Think of surveillance cameras in common areas of the building and fingerprint scanners that enhance physical security options.

The Aspect of Location

There is no point living in a luxury apartment with little access to public transport. That is why, the flats in Cochin City offer proximity to all the major IT hubs or industrial areas featuring many private limited companies. Apart from that, the advent of Kochi Metro project offers occupants easy transport option to the hub of all activities in downtown Cochin or far off to Aluva. Note that by luxury in Cochin, builders won’t just mean the flats situated in main areas of the city, but even its outskirts.