Are Conceptual Sky Villas worth Aspiring for Homebuyers?

03 Mar 2018 02:46 PM

Penthouses and villas have been doing the rounds in metropolitan cities and designer sky villas offer a best of both worlds to HNI homebuyers in particular. Unlike a flat on the topmost floor of a building or a semi-detached or detached house in a residential area, sky villas merge both concepts into a single construct. Think of it as a multi-storied flat that spans two to three floors combining the sprawling space of a luxurious villa with the comfort of living in an apartment building.

Sky villas feature common sharing walls giving privacy for each occupant, even though it spans an entire floor of a high-rise apartment. What it eventually means to a prospective buyer is the perfect semblance of community network building and utmost privacy. On the architectural front, some of the top luxury sky villas in Cochin thrive with spiral staircases that lead up to the topmost floor.

Some sky villas designers place it as an attic space in a highly decorative façade or as private rooms facing along the seaside or cliff side. Most of the distinguished builders place sky villas against natural backgrounds or foregrounds giving unparallel views to the residents.

Perhaps no other housing concept combines luxury with living comfort as well as designer sky villas as things stand in real estate segment. Further, the state of the art amenities provided by sky villas from top builders and developers comprise of swimming pools with options of aquatic exercise, high-speed elevators, home theater, mini gymnasiums, round the clock surveillance in main areas, and sundecks. One would want to double the luxury with lofty expectations when it comes to costly sky villas.

Developers pitch it as conceptual villas especially to homebuyers with high net worth. Since the growing housing concept is relatively new to the realty segment, there are a handful of competing builders offering sky villas in adjacent places. In addition, there is yet to have a common benchmark for sky villas prices and comparison to buyers.

With more and more consumers getting used to avant-garde designer features, the demand for sky villas is set to skyrocket in the near future in major Indian cities as with offshore markets. As of now, some of the major metropolitan cities in India to feature growing sky villas with lofty prices include Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Cochin. So why not try checking out such projects when looking for a 3 BHK flat in Ernakulam?