What are By-Laws For An Apartment Society?

06 Sep 2021 12:00 AM

Residents association by-laws are guidelines that have provisions relating to the various affairs of the association. The word by-law alludes to a private/local law formed by an organization.

What Is The Role Of By-Laws?

The residents association of each apartment will have a by-law for the apartment which contains details like the address, the name of the residents association, jurisdiction aspects, formation date, etc. It will also contain various aspects like the activities and objects of the association.

What Is The Significance Of By-Laws?

By-laws are required by the Residents Welfare Association or Apartment Owners Association for ensuring proper maintenance of the place and to solve the issues effectively faced by the residents. Solving the different issues faced by the residents is not an easy task. Moreover, it will be tough to persuade the members of the society to concur to the rules and regulations of the residents association. All of this can be solved by passing a set of rules called by-laws.

Every apartment complex will adopt a by-law right from the time of registration. For instance, apartments and flats in Kochi will have their by-laws and those in some other cities will have their by-laws. These laws govern the daily functioning of the apartment and many people consider these laws the constitution of the residents association.

How To Make Apartment By-Laws Or Residents Association Laws?

There are a few steps to follow while making apartment by-laws and residents association laws. These are:

  • Form a model by-law for the residents association.
  • Get it approved by the general body.
  • Proceed with registering the residents association.
  • After successful registration of association, the by-law becomes effective for the residents association.

What Is The Need Of Residents Association By-Laws?

  • One of the main responsibilities of the managing committee of a residents association is to make sure that the maintenance of the apartment complex is done properly and to resolve the issues faced by the resident.
  • Persuading the members of the residents association to take measures in favor of society is also not a small challenge.
  • By-laws are necessary to ensure the smooth running of the society and this is why many people consider by-laws as the constitution of residents associations.

Residents association by-laws play a critical part in ensuring the proper working of society and are necessary for all residents associations.