Things You Should Know About Resident’s Welfare Associations

15 Apr 2021 12:00 AM

Every residential colony will be having its respective residential welfare association (RWA) and the main aim of the association will be to work towards the welfare of the residents. There are also rules, responsibilities, and roles in place to ensure the smooth functioning of these resident's associations like those in various apartments in Cochin. Here, we will explain RWA and its working.

Residents Welfare Associations

Residents Welfare Associations are registered under the Societies Registrations Act of 1860. Each state may have made amendments and these amendments shall apply to the Residents Welfare Associations in the state. As RWAs are registered under the Societies Registration Act, these are governed by constitutional documents, meaning that they cannot work as per their own will. These documents make sure that these welfare associations have special powers, but the powers are also checked whenever necessary.

Talking of society as a whole, there are several facets that need careful consideration. It is due to this reason that the role of an RWA president is regarded to be very crucial. The roles and responsibilities can include improving the amenities, ensuring proper drainage, cleanliness, street lights, water harvesting, and amenities like electricity and water. In bigger societies and flats in Cochin or other cities in the state, Residents Welfare Associations can have more responsibilities, for instance, overlooking commercial activities in the society like shops, banks, etc.

Role Of Residents Welfare Association Office Bearers

Every Residents Welfare Association appoints a president, a vice president to assist him, a general secretary, and a secretary to assist the general secretary. Alongside them, a treasurer, finance advisor, and executive members will also be appointed. Their major functions are as follows.


  • Preside over the meetings of both the general and governing bodies.
  • Casting votes in case of a draw.
  • Oversee the tasks of office bearers.
  • Regulate and operate the bank accounts of the RWA.


  • Provide adequate assistance to the president in fulfilling his/her duties.
  • Accomplish the duties of the president in his/her absence.

General Secretary

  • Speak for society in private or public offices.
  • Keep up-to-the-minute histories of the members.
  • May handle the bank accounts.


  • In the absence general secretary, perform the duties on his/her behalf.
  • Assist the general secretary.


  • Collection of subscriptions, donations, gifts, etc from the members of the society and general public.
  • Maintain all the records of accounts of the society funds.
  • Operate the society bank account.

Executive Members

  • Help in daily operations of the society.
  • Submit the list of office bearers to the Registrar.