Important Points To Check Before Buying Flats In Kochi

09 Sep 2020 12:00 AM

In Kerala, many people consider buying properties like apartments and houses as an ideal choice for investment. They can live there, rent or lease it out to get returns on the investment. Also, there is the cultural aspect of appreciating such assets because the land available is limited, and hence they are considered valuable. This is because selling them after a period can earn you profits because of the rising demand for land and assets like houses or apartments. The purpose of this article is to discuss important points that you must check before buying homes or flats in Kochi.

Title Deed

Before buying an apartment or house, you must thoroughly check the title deed to ensure that the seller is the rightful owner of the property in the sale. Often, properties that are mortgaged, rented, or having other liabilities are fraudulently sold to unsuspecting buyers. To avoid this kind of complication, it is always advisable to have the necessary documents verified by a lawyer. Moreover, as a first step, you must always check whether the land where the property is located is owned by the builder or is it just development rights.

Land Use Zone

Before buying apartments in Cochin, you must check whether the commercial building was built on land that is zoned for commercial use. Otherwise, the property is at the risk of demolition by public authorities. So, as a precaution, before buying an apartment or house from a builder, enquire about this.

Agricultural Land

Like the earlier point, you must ensure that the property you are purchasing is not built on agricultural land. Otherwise, you must check whether the builder or the owner of the home got permission to convert it into non-agricultural land and has obtained the certificate from the district collector to that effect.


Before buying residential properties in Kochi, you must thoroughly check the paperwork with a lawyer. Also, ensure that the builder has obtained important approvals like commencement certificate, environmental clearance, etc. Furthermore, ensure that the project has been approved by relevant civic authorities.

Release And Encumbrance Certificate

Check whether the property you are planning to purchase is mortgaged with a bank, especially if it is for resale. If this is the case, then make sure that the loan has been settled and obtain a release certificate. Also, to ensure that the property is free from legal holds ask for an Encumbrance certificate.

Keep these points in mind when purchasing homes and flats in Kochi so that you can stay away from legal trouble later.