Best Themes For Your Kid’s Room

01 Jul 2020 12:00 AM

Kids hate shifting. They will be moving away from their friends, the familiar playground, and many other things they love. In such situations, it will be hard to get your kid excited about moving into a new house even when it is better. How do you make them happy in the new apartment? The best way to get them eager to move is by decorating their rooms according to a theme they like. Themed bedrooms cheer kids to be creative which adults usually lack. Trinity builders Ernakulam also encourage themed kid’s bedrooms and have made a list of themes that are popular among kids.


Is your kid a fan of animals? Jungle themed bedroom with an animal print bedsheet and curtains along with bold colored walls will be vibrant and lively for your little tiger.


You might want to give your kid a themed bedroom but also want the room to look similar to the rest of the house. You can do this by using a theme like TuttiFrutti which uses warm colors. This theme is rich in fruits and is something that will fascinate your toddler.


Is your kid the science-loving type? Does he/she enjoy stargazing? The universe is a popular theme among kids. A solar system themed room will look extraordinary as the color combination is out of the world. Hanging twinkling stars here and there will bring the room closer to the theme.


Which kid does not like dinosaurs? These huge beasts have kids on their toes. A giant dinosaur wallpaper will give the theme more effect. You can either go for a real looking or animated movie dinosaur as your kid likes.

Puppy Lover

Some kids love pets. This is especially true if you already have a pet at home. A puppy themed room will be an abode for your kid as well as your pet dog.

Novel/ Movie Characters

If your kid is almost a teenager, it might be hard to impress her/him with animals or stars. Kids of that age tend to love comic or movie characters. You can get their room decorated according to Harry Potter, Avengers, or any fictional character they admire.


Some kids love when their room is plain and contains minimum colors. The best combination to go for is black and white which makes the room look classy. This standard look is calm, open, and airy.


Are your kids fascinated by rainbows? This natural phenomenon has always managed to impress the kids. Getting your kid’s room decorated based on rainbows will make it look bright and warm.

Trinity Builders Kochi has apartments designed for families of different sizes and styles. We give special attention while building kid’s rooms such that it is airy and safe for them to stay without supervision.