Amenities That You Can Expect From Luxury Flats In Kochi

08 May 2020 12:00 AM

For many Keralites, owning luxury flats in Kochi is one of their biggest dreams because of the connectivity and facilities that the city offers compared to other places in Kerala. What differentiates luxury apartments from regular ones is the added amenities and convenience that elevates the living experience there. Besides, they should be useful and meaningful such that it makes sense to pay the extra money for owning these spaces. Listed below are some high-end facilities offered by many luxury residential apartments.

Amenities For Pets

Many high-end luxury apartments offer pet-friendly amenities for its residents and it is considered to be very important. For example, some projects have dog parks as part of the facilities offered and this is useful as they are very active animals. Also, in very few cases they are spa facilities for pets and this is extremely rare.

High-Speed Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi facilities are becoming more common everywhere and the same holds for high-end apartments. Free Wi-Fi at the gym facility, lounge, and co-working spaces is expected, you must ensure that the property developers offer it when you are purchasing luxury flats from them.

Smart Home Facilities

One of the ways by which luxury apartment developers try to differentiate their offering from the rest of the crowd is by including a slew of smart home features. Some of them are smart home thermostats for AC that helps you to regulate the temperature remotely, automated or voice-assisted lighting systems, digital or keyless locks, and many more. Also, developers offer these facilities as an option to upgrade the current normal units into the ones with smart features.

Fitness Centre

Healthy living and fitness is an important aspect of people's lifestyle and high-end luxury apartments are expected to offer residential fitness centers. Also, they must be on par in standards to professional stand-alone facilities and many offer the services of fitness trainers. Besides, there can be yoga or fitness training classes along with amenities for senior citizens.

Sports Facilities

Amenities for sports are becoming common and this is no different when it comes to luxury flats in Kochi. There can be a basketball court, mini cricket field, or tennis court, and offer training or coaching facilities as well. This has the added advantage of community building and fitness facilities for athletic people.

Rooftop Garden

Beautifully landscaped rooftop gardens are becoming common in luxury apartments in cities and they offer comfortable areas for relaxing. This is more useful in urban areas and for city dwellers because they need not step out of the luxury apartment building.

These are some of the high-end amenities that you can look for in luxury flats in Kochi.