Decoration Ideas For Your Rental Apartments

08 Apr 2020 12:00 AM

Decorating your rental apartment can be a difficult task, as you may not be able to do any permanent alterations. Also, spending huge money on decorating your rental is not a good idea. However, if you want to make your rental apartment more lively and pleasant, there are some simple decoration ideas you can try. Trinity Builders, one of the best builders of new apartments in Cochin, provide you some wonderful ideas for decorating your rental. This will help you to add more character and style to your apartment.

Decorate Your Walls With Photos

Hanging your favourite family photos is one of the best ways to make your rental feel like home. You can get adhesive hooks for hanging photos if you do not want to damage the walls. But you may also put nails in your walls too if you wish, as you can fill it with speckling paste later. Hanging photos will add more beauty to your apartment and it will also give you get an intimate feeling.


Many apartment owners now permit the renters to paint the apartment on a condition to repaint it back to the original colour. Hence, painting is not entirely out of question. You can paint your apartment with your favourite colours and it is also possible for you to add different paintings to your walls or ceiling. You can choose to paint the entire apartment, a single room or even a single wall based on your likes. But it is better to avoid spending too much money on painting, as you will have to paint it back to its original colour later.

Temporary Wall Treatments

Even if it is not possible for you to paint the apartment, you don’t have to get disappointed. You can do temporary wall treatments instead. Use removable wallpapers, vinyl decals, etc. This will help you to add vibrant colours to your walls.

Hang Curtains

Hang curtains on your windows for avoiding their plain and boring look. They don’t have to be expensive. You can get beautiful curtains at affordable rates that can help you to add more appeal to your rental apartment.

Hide Things You Don’t Like

You may choose to hide awkward spaces that you don’t like using curtains or pieces of cloths. This will help you to eliminate the eyesore while adding colour and texture to your apartment.

You can get a large number of affordable options when decorating your rental apartment. The ideas mentioned above are some of the wonderful things you can try. Trinity Builders is one of the best builders of luxury apartments in Kochi and we are dedicated to providing the best housing solutions for you. We provide you the best decorating options for making your life more comfortable and enjoyable.