Tips to Choose the Best Lighting for Your Apartment

23 Oct 2019 12:24 PM

Choosing the right lighting option is a significant part in decorating your apartment. Today, lighting is not just for brightening up your room, but is an important factor which makes your apartment look more appealing and pleasant. Now people are more selective when it comes to lighting arrangements as it can lift your spirit and give you a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Trinity builders Cochin builds new apartments in Cochin which are intended to provide you a great ambience for living. We are dedicated to make your home a wonderful place to live.

Following are some ideas that will help you to enhance your lighting so that it will brighten up your apartment as well as your mood.

Mix it up

It is better to use more than one lighting source to make your apartment brighter. You can use a mix of lighting options like overhead, accent and task lights. When lighting your living room, first of all, hang a beautiful ceiling fixture at the center of the room. Then consider down lighting towards outer walls, which will gently bright the walls, curtains etc. It is also a good idea to use accent lights to highlight the arts based on the layout of your apartment.

The main goal behind choosing the right lighting is to create a contrast between lighter and darker shades. To make your room more appealing and vibrant, consider lighting the center and corners of the room and adding darker spaces in between.

Brighten up the kitchen

Kitchen is a place where importance is given to bright light than ambience. You can flood your kitchen with light by using high-hats or recessed lights along the edges of your ceiling. It is also better to hang pendants overhead to brighten up the kitchen island.

Light up the corners

Your empty corners would look wonderful if you place an oversized floor lamp in those spaces. It will look even more beautiful if you choose a lamp that complements the surroundings in finish and material.

Consider a room’s orientation

If the orientation of your room limits the sunlight entering the room, then it will need more lighting. If your room flood with enough natural sunlight, then you have to choose the lighting accordingly.

Be choosy about your bulbs

Consider the ambience you want to create when choosing the bulbs. If you want to create a charming effect you can use different shades of LEDs according to your needs. Choose the color of your bulb to suit your atmosphere.

Trinity Builders, who create luxury flats in Kochi, is happy to provide advice regarding your doubts about choosing lighting options for your apartments. Our new apartments in Cochin are built with the intention to provide you a better place to live.