What to Talk with your Partner When Searching for a New Apartment

30 Sep 2019 02:27 PM

Looking for a new flat with your romantic partner can be either bonding or a challenging experience. Either way, we have figured out tips for helping you to have the smooth apartment search possible. Just follow these guidelines to help ease your search for a flat with your other half.

Decide Each of your Requirements

Even when this is not the first time that you will live together, you still have to discuss what you are seeking in a new house. You are moving into it for a reason, which could be anything from your desire for a larger kitchen, an extra bedroom or wish to be much closer to your workplace. Listing what you require from a new flat will also help narrow down your options. Consider how you wish to spend your daytime at home. Do you wish to work from home, love to cook most of the time or take showers often? Some rooms in your new house are likely to appeal more to you than other rooms and these will perhaps matter to you.

For all the things to be fair, just make lists independently of one another, noting down things you absolutely want, and the ones you would like to have. Compare and contrast all your ideas and try to find the best fit. Although you might need to compromise, at least each of you will have a clear idea regarding what is considered in the decision.

Be Honest and Prepared to Disagree

Assume that you have found a house with a fireplace and wooden floors, and you are happy. You already know just what couch will sit both of you perfectly by the fireside. Therefore, you choose to keep quiet over the fact that its kitchen is way too tiny for your preference, and you would rather look for more flats. It is normal for you to feel not wanting to hurt the feelings of your partner. However, think of thus: keeping your opinion to yourself just kills the purpose of having created your lists earlier. In addition, your thoughts about that tiny kitchen will grow on you in the long run, and it might result in a conflict you do not want.

Decide on Which Things you Want to Eliminate during the Move

Before moving into your new house, discuss which furniture items you are keeping, which things you are tossing out, and which memorabilia is here to stay with you. This is important not just for a much calmer move in, but it will also help you to know just how much space you will need in your new flat.