Tips for Setting Up a Mini Gym in your Apartment

24 Sep 2019 02:25 PM

You must find time to exercise, particularly if you do a desk job involving computers or sitting for countless hours. One way to exercise is to go to a health club, but you will perhaps not always find the time or have money to do this. Ideally, your apartment building would have a fitness center or there would be one nearby it. Thankfully, there are many flats in Kakkanad including those from Trinity Builders that have a health club in the complex. If your apartment does not have this facility, though, you may want to know how to set up one.

Home Gym Setup

It can be easy to set up a gym in your flat, and this requires minimal space. Just follow these tips to set it up without overwhelming your whole living room.

  • Find a Dedicated Space to Exercise

Before you start purchasing any exercise equipment, you have to determine where to set up a gym. In the event you have no spot specifically for this, you will need to decide that before each session of exercise. Having an area reserved for a workout will make getting into the right frame of mind and focusing on your training easier.

  • Use Furniture Storage

Do you live in a tiny flat in Kochi? If you do, you might know about the benefits of hidden storage. You have to furnish your house with pieces with built-in storage for keeping your gym equipment units out of sight when these are not in use. Footrests, ottomans, and even beds are some good examples of that type of furniture.

  • Make Good Use of Wall Space

Using vertical space for storing your gym equipment units is another good trick to keeping these out of the way. Just buy some shelves or hooks and you can fit your foam rollers, yoga mats, some dumbbell’s weights and your resistance bands on the wall.

  • Add Wheels to the Furniture Items

If you do not have a clutter-free space at home which can serve as your mini-gym, you will need to figure out the way to easily move all your stuff around. Moving furniture can itself be a good exercise. However, it can also be dangerous, and you might find it to be a boring task. Add wheels to all your chairs and tables so that you can easily clear these obstacles when you have just a 30-minute-long window for a group session.

What Equipment you Need for a Home Gym

You do not need to invest in lots of equipment for exercise. Some items will give you all that you need to sweat it out at your apartment.

  • Choose Appropriate Weights

Those living in a flat will likely not have space for both a barbell and a squat rack. That does not mean you need to give up the idea of weight training. You have some options that will give you enough resistance, and that will not take up extra space at home.

  • Kettlebells

These are effective exercise equipment and they have recently been getting more love from fitness conscious people. It should come as no surprise. You only require two of these to do a full-body exercise; even one might suffice. Kettlebells also need very little space, which makes these perfect for small apartments in Cochin city.

  • Adjustable Weights

Very often, you will want to utilize different resistance exercise for different parts of the body. For instance, you can lift much more weight squatting compared to doing bicep curls. Go for adjustable dumbbells if you prefer these to kettlebells. Adjustable dumbbells allow you to choose the weight to add just by turning the dial. That way, instead of purchasing a set of thirty dumbbells, you can easily get that of adjustable ones.

  • Resistance Bands

These are another excellent alternative to classic exercise equipment. These can be used for mobility exercises, stretching, and resistance training. The best part about resistance bands is that not only these need very little space, but these can also be stored just about anywhere.

  • An Exercise Bicycle

If you want to avoid riding a normal cycle outdoors, invest in this type of stationary bike. Some exercise bikes come with great features such as a touchscreen, which gives you access to on-demand workouts and studio classes. These instructions will motivate you when you exercise within the cozy confines of your apartment.

  • Lacrosse Balls

Foam rolling improves mobility, reduces muscle tension and muscle soreness. However, bulky foam rollers can take up space, particularly in a small apartment. This is where these rubber items come in handy. These might be more effective for muscle groups like calves, triceps and biceps.

  • A Detachable Pull Up Bar

You can easily attach it to a door frame, and it will not take space from your small apartment floor. Just do pull-ups whenever you pass by the door and you will be in shape more quickly than you might think.

  • Be Creative with your Exercises

You can replace some equipment with what you already have at home. Chairs can serve as benches, and big water jugs as weights. Like that, there are many creative ways to do workouts. Just think out of the box if you want to save some money on your apartment exercise equipment.