Five Benefits of Owning a Waterfront Apartment

31 Aug 2019 01:08 PM

Owning an apartment or house facing a waterbody is a dream of many people. A place like Cochin has several residential high-rises at the backyard of the Periyar River. There is something about a lakefront or waterfront that seems to captivate the urban customers, including notably the aesthetics, serenity of a body of water near and the investment prospect.


Aside from the scenic sights it promises, high-rise towers close to bodies of water in well-connected and urban areas show a higher likelihood of appreciation. It helps that there are many residential high-rises with ready to occupy flats in Ernakulam that reside nearby a water-body.


Any property you purchase is a real estate investment for the indefinite future. A lake proximate to your tower is a relatively more stable natural feature than an empty plot, for in one year or two, yet another tower could occupy that barren land. A waterfront apartment gives a sense of space and openness to its occupant.

Closer to Nature

You wake up in the morning to the sounds of birds and late in the afternoon, see the sun dipping into the horizon over a water-body. Live in a 2 BHK flat in Cochin, which resides near enough to the Periyar River, and you can experience these for yourselves. Being closer to nature does not mean that you are so far from the main town or city. You can make the best of both the natural and urban worlds by choosing to live in a waterfront apartment.

Pleasing Weather

Your apartment would be well lit and ventilated because of having a river near the tower. A body of water such as a river is thought to have plenty of impact on the weather and wind patter of a particular area. We all know that it is healthier to live in a residence with good ventilation and one that is encircled by nature.


As per the vastu science, a building close by a small body of water such as a lake or pond will also be beneficial for the one who owns it. True to the vastu principles, a position and direction which possibly further benefits the property is there. It is thought that the body of water has to lie to North-East.

It is a lifestyle choice to have a lakefront apartment. In addition to all the aforementioned advantages, this has a secret joy - the bragging rights of having one such apartment from a top real estate player such as Trinity Builders.