Amazing Ways to Design a Seamless Open Living Room

26 Aug 2019 02:48 PM

The main attraction or highlight of every residential home will be its living room and hence, you must give special attention while designing it. This tends to get a bit challenging when it comes to apartments and flats since the area will be less when compared to independent homes. Thankfully, most of the luxury flats in Kochi are designed with adequate area for the living room to make the apartment look even more spacious.

On the other hand, if you own small 2bhk flats in Kochi, you are likely to encounter some kind of challenges when designing your living room. Unlike olden days, living rooms have become multi-functional now and hence, the design ought to be flexible. Nowadays, people are migrating towards the concept of an open living room that offers a seamless transition to the kitchen area.

While some people spend a whopping amount of money to make this happen, you can simply use your household accessories and gadgets as well to nail the look. This will be more affordable and tends to create a stunning design statement. Some of those cost-effective ways to make your living room flexible are given below.


One of the best and stylish ways to integrate your living room and kitchen areas are to consider a unique approach to surface treatments for the entire area. For this, you can use the same type of flooring for the kitchen and living area to make a unified appeal. Then, you can separate the areas using statement rugs, which will be perfect to absorb the noise. Note that noise is usually a reason for concern in the case of open-plan living. You can also use threading colors, decors, and other textures through your living room to the kitchen to create a cohesive effect.

Otherwise, you can experiment with the texture and color of the kitchen cabinetries and upholstery, draperies, etc., in your living area. However, make sure to craft a plan that let these areas gel perfectly while being multifunctional. Currently, integrated breakfast nooks are the trending options to bridge your kitchen and living area effortlessly.

Television and Lighting

Nowadays, televisions are available in huge sizes and if you own one, you can use your TV to perfectly integrate your living and kitchen areas. For this, choose a TV that can easily dissolve to the background setting once turned off. Some latest TVs even display some selected images when turned off. These big screens can be used as statement pieces to reflect your style and personality. Besides, using the same type of lighting and fixtures are also a great way to make the living room flexible as well as to create a sense of drama.