Choosing the Right Drapes for your Apartment

21 Aug 2019 04:56 PM

Buying a home will be one of the major life goals of almost every person. However, this task is not that easy since you are likely to contemplate on several factors in this case such as whether to choose an independent home or apartment, the interiors, budget, etc. Currently, most people are migrating towards the concept of community living because of the obvious reasons, especially security. Note that there are numerous appealing 3 bhk flats in Ernakulam to suit the lifestyle of almost every person.

Once you choose any of these flats in Kochi, you are likely to think about the right wall painting, flooring, furniture arrangements, and whatnot. However, most people are likely to ignore the type of drapes or curtains that they choose. Note that the color, design, and type of curtains that you use tend to affect the appeal of your apartment to a great extent. Some major uses of drapes include;

  • Enhance the appeal of your home
  • Control the amount of daylight entering the apartment
  • Enhances the privacy

Below are some of the helpful tips to choose the right drapes for your luxurious apartment.

Do Thorough Research

First of all, do good research about different types of drapes, its pros and cons, and impact on the different types of apartments. This task is not at all challenging these days since you can easily find numerous websites on the internet about the same. Otherwise, you can rely on a trustworthy interior designer. Magazines are also a good source for this. Furthermore, learn about the latest trends in the field.

Color of the Drapes

Once you decided on the right type of curtain, think about the right color shade. Note that every color shade does not necessarily uplift the appeal of your apartment. In fact, some drape colors tend to ruin the overall ambiance of your home making this step extremely significant. Consider the factors such as the color theme of the room, size of the room and the windows, furniture, flooring, etc., while choosing the drapes. Note that if you are choosing drapes for a huge room, dark colors will be perfect. Otherwise, consider lighter shades to make your room look spacious. If your priority is to attract the attention of guests, bright-colored drapes will be a good option.


Curtains are available in various sizes. The general rule is to choose curtains that are two and a half size the length of your windows or doors. This will make sure that the window panels are well covered. Undoubtedly, such curtains will offer a luxurious and elegant appeal to your apartment rooms turning heads. Similarly, make sure that the length of the draperies is enough to cover the entire window or door.