Four Ways to Have a Good Time in Your Apartment on a Rainy Day

28 Jun 2019 05:11 PM

You wake up one morning with plans in mind only to discover that it is raining outside. Sloshing around on wet surfaces is the last thing that you would want to do. You can either give in to rain-induced boredom or try any of the following activities in your flats in Kochi city to make your time worthwhile.

Have a Short Movie Marathon

A rainy day is an ideal occasion to turn your apartment room into the ultimate theater setting. Pick some of your favorite films, grab your favorite drinks and pop some popcorn to have alongside those while you watch. If you are lucky to have some film-style candy around, then grab that too. Then, kick back and enjoy watching films back to back.

Host a Potluck

This is also the right time to have some good food and talk with friends. Rather than eating leftovers when you are stuck at home, just call some friends over and tell everybody to bring a food item. Prepare your own items and set up your dining room or kitchen table for company.

In addition, play your favorite music to make the atmosphere more lively and avoid turning your TV on except if you plan on watching a sports program. Then, have your food and enjoy being complete, content and surrounded by some good company.

Camp Indoors

Choose an appropriate room inside your apartment and move as many furniture items as possible to make some space. Then, set up a makeshift tent right at the center of your apartment room. Make a small fort with furniture and chairs. Add sleeping bags, some battery-operated lanterns and pillows to enjoy some fun time camping at home.

Make a Recipe Book

Do you have some recipes scattered about? If yes, a rainy day provides the perfect time to organize those recipes and make some good use of them. Instead of shoving those in a binder, make a slightly artsy project out of those.

Start with a scrapbook, tape or glue, colorful markers and stencils and put together a recipe book.

Include photographs of your near and dear ones eating meals that you have cooked. Do not bother about food splatters, small tears or folds in your book. These will only add more character to it.

Do you have any other ideas to make rainy days more fun? If you do, let us know your ideas.