7 Creative Book Storage Ideas for Small Apartments

28 May 2019 02:07 PM

For all book lovers, books are cherished possessions. But in the modern apartment style of living, people find it difficult to make their own library in small spaces. It is true with most book lovers that they buy more books than they can read. They love collecting books but are confused as to where they will keep the books. Here are some creative ways which can help such book lovers to make small libraries in their own apartments.

  • Hallway Library: The hallway in the apartment can be made into a book storing area. Though hallways are meant only for passage, this makes it a proper place for your books. Some shelves can be added to the walls of your halls which can maximize the space and also show off your literary collection. This way you can spread your reading passion to those who visit your house.
  • Bookshelf Room Divider: The book shelf can play the role of a curtain or a screen sometimes. The purpose of separating the rooms is met and also the books can be arranged efficiently without taking any extra space.
  • Closet Library: In this technique, a closet can be made into a user-friendly book storage area. Some shelves can be added in the closet which makes it more spacious so as to arrange books.
  • Bookshelves in Nooks: In every apartment, there will be some unusable space. This space can be effectively used as a bookshelf space. The bookshelves come handy in different shapes and sizes and that makes it simpler to convert the unused space in the apartment to book storage area.
  • Stash-away Stacks: This is the book storage method which is applicable in all apartments. The books can be stacked in different areas in an attractive way. The makes the rooms look beautiful and also the book storage purpose is met.
  • Head-boards or Base-boards: It is wise to arrange your books in the space in your apartment where you spend most of your time. Headboards are available in the market and this is the most suggested method of storing books. This can be done in a simpler way by storing the books at the base of your bed. A short and wide bookshelf can help you in this venture.
  • High- perimeter Book Shelves: This method is more effective in apartments where the room space is very less. If the books cannot take space in the normal condition of a room it is suggested to make a bookshelf along the perimeter of the ceiling. This can be done with some effort and does not affect anything else. But you will need a ladder to have access to books.

These are only some creative ideas for storing books in your apartment. These can help if you are a book lover and you are planning to have a new apartment or flat. However, you can think better and come up with ideas which fit for your rooms.